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Fashion Week LA 2017 - Malan Breton

I consider it a privilege to have been covering LA Fashion Week since 2012. Every year I am excited to see all the new styles and collections from the world's top designers, from my vantage point of the end of the runway. This Thursday night's showcase was that of Malan Breton, winner of Project Runway.

The Malan Breton collection is shown each season at LA Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, also being presented in New York, Taiwan, China, France, and London to retailers. Breton has been designing since the age of eleven, and is known for his signature detailing, his ethereal gowns, and simple shift dresses. For men he is known for his sharply tailored suits, use of color, and impeccable fabrics. The collections can be found at department stores, and specialty boutiques around the globe. Breton is also a master of the made to measure suit, and has a steadfast following of businessmen, celebrities, politicians, and royals globally. In 2007 the first flagship Malan Breton store opened in New York City, with stores to follow in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Beijing. You can learn more at

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