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Moods Of Norway

Day two Fashion Week LA 2017 i present to you , MOODS OF NORWAY

here is a brief history of the company In the creative cellars of the picturesque town of Stryn, Norway (population 6750), just over 10 years ago, two local designers Simen Staalnacke and Peder Børresen, after years of global travels, international studies and nights of sizzling cocktails, gave birth to a concept soon to be known, worn, and adored; the Norwegian fashion lifestyle brand “Moods of Norway”. Soon the duo met up with the third musketeer, Stefan Dahlkvist, and drew their lines for the coming collections.

Moods of Norway has been doing the hibbedy-dibbedy on the international fashion dance floor since 2003, and as of this golden minute Moods of Norway is presented in the most polished and happy stores around the world. The business is growing rapidly. In 2013 our turnover reached USD 60 million after opening additional brand stores, including a US Flagship store in fashionable Soho in New York City in addition to our west coast store in Los Angeles, California, and our Mall of America store in Minneapolis, Minnesota - all the while strengthening our position in Norway.

Our main goal is to make happy clothes for happy people around the world by blending our Norwegian heritage with international lifestyle in a contrast-filled and fun universe. Welcome to our universe!

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